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Arthur Fiedler: Classics For Children (CD2)

1. Variation II: Oboes (Lento)
2. Variation III: Clarinets (Moderato)
3. Variation IV: Bassoons (Allegro alla marcia)
4. Variation V: Violins (Brillante alla polacca)
5. Variation VI: Violas (Meno mosso)
6. Variation VII: Cellos
7. Variation VIII: Doublebasses (Comminicando lento, ma poco accel.)
8. Variation IX: Harp (Maestoso)
9. Variation X: Horns (L'istesso tempo)
10. Variation XI: Trumpets (Vivace)
11. Variation XII: Trombones, Tuba (Allegre pomposo)
12. Variation XIII: Percussion (Moderato)
13. Fugue: Full orchestra (Allegro molto)
14. Morning
15. Ase's Death
16. Anitra's Dance
17. In the Hall of the Mountain King
18. Solvejg's Song
19. Funeral March of a Marionette
20. Hans Christian Anderson-Medley
21. Kid Stuff